The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

MY RATING : ★★★☆☆= 3.5

GENRE       :  Action / Adventure / Drama

THOUGHTS : I actually have a book of this, so I was hesitant to watch it. I wanted to read the book first but it was really tempting so I ended watching it. I wasn’t familiar with the film it was made from, so I had doubts that it would be good. But I really enjoyed it and it was quite nicely made. Although the love line went too fast, and it was hard to understand the characters ‘Jace’ and ‘Clarey’. Well, I know it isn’t easy to compile the whole book merely in two hours. I’d say it was nice, but reading the book would’ve been better.



MY RATING : ★★★☆☆= 3

GENRE       :  Family / Animation

THOUGHTS : I remember enjoy watching ‘Cars’, so I decided to go for this one. It was kinda disappointing that the ending was very predictable (although almost all Disney movies’ have happy ending). I don’t know but maybe because I was younger when I watched ‘Cars’. The graphics were just fine, but I prefer Pixar much better for the visuals. This would be a great movie for children and family.

The Great Gatsby


MY RATING : ★★★★☆= 4.5

GENRE       :  Drama / Romance

THOUGHTS : It’s a very late review on the Great Gatsby movie. I thought I already had a post about it, but I found out that I forgot to upload it. It’s been four months I’ve watched this movie, and I remember it was very sad. This is originally a book, but I haven’t read it. The movie was actually very well made, and the tone of the film was very warm. I’m not fond of sad endings, but this movie had a very sad, dramatic ending which made my heart broken :( It was really heart-warming to see the profound love between mr.Gatsby and Daisy, although it didn’t turn out well. I’m looking forward to read the book.

Kick-Ass 2


MY RATING : ★★★★☆= 4

GENRE       :  Comedy / Action / Crime

THOUGHTS : I was hesitant whether or not to watch this movie since it involved a lot of violence. And this type of movie isn’t my genre. But I had nothing to do, and this was the only movie I haven’t seen in the cinema so I decided to watch it. As I expected, it was brutal. It literally showed the cut of the arms, blood, and some disgusting things. One scene I can’t forget was when the vomit and diarrhea simultaneously came out! Like half of the movie I was covering my eyes, but it was tolerable. It was funny and story was interesting. I just hope they don’t show the blood..I just thought the Hit Girl was really pretty and awesome at martial arts. I hope I can fight that well too :) This was R-16, so if you are above this age and you’re bored, you could check it out.

The Internship


MY RATING : ★★★☆= 4

GENRE       :  Comedy

THOUGHTS : I think this movie was out in the U.S in June, but it only came here a week ago. It’s about two salesmen whose career have been put to an end by the digital age. As they struggle to get a job, they found their way into internship at Google. They should compete with the group of genius students in order to achieve the employment. Though they encounter hardships throughout the challenge, they teach the kids to think out of the box, and to be sociable with people. As they grew their teamwork, the group gradually wins the offer for employment. I think this movie is really inspirational to me and to all the students out there. It shows the reality of our society that the mindset of the students is solely to get a job. As the environment gets more pressured in academics, students’ minds get to be more limited. Once again this movie made me realize that I there are so many students out in the world struggling and trying really hard to be accepted in the society. It reminded me to work hard, and to never forget my goal in life.

Star Trek into Darkness


MY RATING : ★★★★★ = 4.5

GENRE       :  Action / Adventure

THOUGHTS : Never got bored while watching the movie. It was my first time to see the Star Trek movie though there were other versions in the past. I was really amazed seeing the future of earth, aliens, and etc. But of course, the main reason why I loved it was because of Benedict Cumberbatch! I think he is truly a brilliant actor. Any character he plays, he just takes in so amazingly. 

Red 2


MY RATING : ★★★★☆ = 4

GENRE       :  Action / Comedy / Crime

THOUGHTS : Funny yet really thrilling film. It was really nice to see Catherine Zeta Zones since I haven’t really seen her movies recently. Of course Lee Byung Hun was there also in a leading role. I was really proud to see him again after G.I.Joe! Korean bad words were apparent too! Which was suggested by Lee Byung Hun himself, and I think it was a great idea :)

Percy Jackson : Sea of the Monsters


MY RATING : ★★★☆☆= 3

GENRE       :  Fantasy / Family / Adventure

THOUGHTS : I really enjoyed watching the Lightning Thief, so I decided to watch this too. I loved the fact that it is related with Greece Myth which was an advantage for me since I read books about them. The series is more of a children’s movie which is great for families. Most of the people who have read the book didn’t like the movie that much, but since I haven’t read the book, it was okay for me. 

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